France Demarbaix was born in 1966 and lives in Brussels.

Her father, photographer, offers her first camera, a small Rolley with entirely manual adjustments in 1978.
When she's 19 years old, she begins to travel in Europe but it is in 1991, by preparing a voyage in Iceland that she seriously studies photography not to miss her holidays pictures.

On her return, she enrolls in a photoclub where she will stay three years to learn how to analyze and judge an image, to target only one subject per photo and to improve her composition. One of her Iceland's pictures will be 4th at the Great Price of Belgium.

Then follows a long series of voyages which lead her always further in search of impressive, beautiful and wild nature: Indonesia, the USA, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Seychelles, Mongolia, Thailand, New Zealand... whose apotheosis will be a voyage in Argentina in 1998.

During the stopover in Buenos Aires, she discovers a couple dancing the Argentinian tango on Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo. They are beautiful and release such a sensuality that France, fascinated, remains hours to look at them.

In 2000, France decides to change her life and interrupts her scientific career to resume studies of photographer. Her imagination, sensitivity, emotions and artistic feeling, for a long time smothered by the scientific rigour, need also to be expressed and tango will provide her this occasion.

She chooses the sensuality of the Argentinian tango as subject for her final study work without being conscious of all the difficulties. She who was accustomed to pictures of landscapes, static subject, lighted by daylight, with large depth of field and maximum sharpness, here she is with challenge to introduce herself into this new environment, to apprehend blur and human subjects perpetually in movement, under weak and artificial lightings. Tenacious, she carries on and obtains her diploma in 2003 with distinction. The photography of tango became a true passion meanwhile.

She meets Pol Van Assche who, admiring her images, will offer many opportunities to her and will choose one of her photographs as poster of Noches Latinas. Many professional dancers use her pictures taken "live" for their promotion and on their Web site. Indeed, France prefers natural and spontaneous photographs taken on the stage rather than the fixed postures of studio.

Her work was exposed to the Karreveld castle from the 6th to 15th February, 2004 at the time of the exhibition of the Germinal photoclub of which she was the honor guest. She also exposed in Antwerp, on May 20, 2004 at the Sandra Luna concert and on January 15, 2005 in Brussels for a tango event organized by Colores and Muziekpublique.

What motivates France, as well for her travel photos as for the tango's one, is to immortalize the beauty, to fix the felt emotions, the moments of grace and plenitude to preserve and share them. She photographes with her heart and her sensitivity. All what she finally wishes is to dream and make you dream...

One day, it is promised, if she finds a partner, France will learn how to dance the tango!